DRX Treatment Protocal

Back pain treatment with DRX9000 was spilt into number of smaller sessions for you to achieve high efficiency and long-lasting effect of the treatment. Treatment protocol is consisted of 20 thirty minutes treatments in a span of 6 weeks. Procedures have relaxing character. Thanks to that we are able to provide high comfort for our patients during treatment. Treatment protocol is described in following schedule:

  • First week every day Monday-Friday
  • Second week every day Monday-Friday
  • Third week 3 times (example, Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
  • Fourth week 3 times (Same)
  • Fifth week 2 times (example, Tuesday, Thursday
  • Sixth week 2 times (same)

During the entire treatment protocol the patient will be asked to wear a special Disc Distractor belt to keep his spine stable. No lifting is allowed.

During the first 2 weeks the patient is instructed to rest as much as possible and continue to apply Ice Gell pack to problem area. Following the 2 weeks the patient will be asked to start doing slowly the Low back, core, or neck exercises shown on the website.

Before each treatment the patient will go on heat mattress for 15 minutes. Following the treatments the patient will be applied a Cold Gell pack to problem area for 15 minutes.

The treatments will continue to have benefits in time even after the patient has completed the 20 sessions. Maintenance follow up treatments are required every year for assurance of non re-accurance ( 6 per year or 1 every 2 months)