Herniated disc

Today, herniated disc is quite common spine condition. It becomes problem of more and more people mostly from age of 35 years old. Even younger people might suffer from this disease though. What happened with your spine when your disc was herniated? What are symptoms? And what are we able to do for you? Read more.

Herniated disc – What does it mean?

Herniated discSpine consists of bones which are separated by flexible discs. Healthy discs are essential for us to move freely without pain. Healthy disc is depicted in image in blue color. Herniated disc is depicted in red color.

Injury or overstrain might cause that spine disc is damaged. What happens in this situation is that disc is pushed out of its original area or it might even break open and its gel-like center might be squeezed out.
This spine conditions might cause mechanical pressure on surroundings nerves and lead to pain or inflammation. When not treated, herniated disc might lead to paralysis of lower body and significant lowering of quality of life.

Herniated disc – What are symptoms?

When herniated disc pushes to a nerve we might talk about different symptoms according to what part of spine is concerned. If we speak about herniated disc in lower back we might feel following symptoms:

  • Shooting pain in legs or feet. (You might or might not feel back pain) – sciatica
  • Numbness or tingling in legs or feet
  • Weakened muscles

When herniated disc in neck occurred, patient might feel following symptoms:

  • Pain in area of shoulder blades
  • Paint shooting to shoulder or arm. Sometimes hands or fingers
  • Neck pain, especially on back side of neck and on sides. Pain might increase when turning your head
  • Spasm of neck muscles

Symptoms of herniated disc in middle area of spine might vary. You might suffer from pain in upper back, lower back or other part of your back or legs. You might also feel weakening or numbness of one or both legs.

Herniated disc – How to diagnose?

Through asking few important questions, your doctor might be able conclude if herniated disc is the problem you are suffering from. However, we care about our patients and that it is why we need to be sure for 100% that it is your case. To do so you need to undergo diagnosis by MRI – magnetic resonance imaging. With this method we will be sure if you suffer from herniated disc.

Herniated disc – How to treat?

Our clinic specializes on back pain treatment caused by spine conditions such as herniated disc. We are only clinic in Czech Republic that is using DRX9000. We focus on providing high level of quality of treatment. Even though we offer quality treatment, our prices are not high when compared with other clinics in Europe. And that is why our clinic should be interesting for you even if you don’t live in Czech Republic. You can contact our office for free consultation. We will gladly assist you.