Traditional Spine Treatments

Bed Rest

Bed rest is sometimes prescribed for patients experiencing back pain. It might be effective treatment for less serious problem causing back pain. Prolonged bed rest, however, may be associated with a longer recovery period. People on bed rest may also be more likely to develop depression, blood clots in the legs, and decreased muscle tone.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is another common form of treatment for low back pain. The proper use of stretching and stabilization exercises can improve the general function and strength of the spine, but may not address the underlying cause of pain. The proper use of therapeutic exercise is an important component to the successful rehabilitation of the spine, but not before the problem causing back pain is corrected.


Medications, both oral and injectable, will generally work by temporarily reducing muscle spasm, inflammation, and pain. This treatment method will temporarily alleviate symptoms, but often does not address the underlying cause of pain. Drug dependency is a risk factor, as well as the potential need to prescribe stronger doses of medication to keep up with a patient’s increased tolerance. Long term uses of certain medications have also been known to result in kidney and/or liver damage.


Acupuncture was first practiced by Chinese 2,500 years ago and is often used to treat chronic and acute back pain. During acupuncture treatment, the health care provider will insert needles into various points on the body. Some needles penetrate just under the skin, while others may penetrate deeper into muscle tissue. The needles are generally left in place for fifteen to thirty minutes. It is not uncommon in acupuncture to treat back pain by placing needles in the ankles, knees, or fingers.


Surgery is an approach that attempts to correct the source of back pain; however, the benefits of surgery should always carefully be weighed against its risks. Although some patients may report significant pain relief after surgery, there is no guarantee that it will help every individual. Surgery certainly has its place in treating and/or correcting back pain, but it is important to consider the inherent and significant risks associated with surgery and anesthesia.


Traction techniques most commonly used are mechanical or motorized traction, manual traction (traction is exerted by the therapist, using his/her body weight to alter the force and direction of the pull), and auto traction (where the patient controls the traction forces by grasping and pulling bars at the head of the traction table). There are also less common forms, such as underwater (where the patient is fixed perpendicularly in a deep pool, a bar is grasped under the arms and traction applied) and gravitational traction (e.g. bed rest traction, in which the person is fixed to a tilted table or bed, and the force is exerted by their own lower extremities). Lumbar traction uses a harness that is put around the lower rib cage. Duration and level of force exerted through this harness can be varied in a continuous or intermittent mode. Only in motorized traction can the force be stabilized. With other techniques, total body weight and the strength of the patient or therapist determine the forces exerted. In the application of traction force, consideration must be given to counter forces such as lumbar muscle tension, lumbar skin stretch and abdominal pressure, which depend on the patient’s physical constitution. If the patient is lying on the traction table, the friction of the body on the table or bed provides the main counterforce during traction.

Spinal Decompression Therapy

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